Many thanks for having applied to join the British Law Centre’s Diploma in English law and Practical Legal Skills during 2020-2021. We hope you have already managed to read more about the details of the Diploma course on our website.

Next steps...

In order for us to confirm your application to join the course, please send me:

(i) A recent curriculum vitae (in English); and

(ii) A motivation letter, explaining why you wish to join the BLC (not exceeding 500 words).

You should upload your CV and Motivation Letter here:


Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
Click or drag a file to this area to upload.


Once we have received and reviewed your documents, we will contact you to confirm your application.

Alternatively, you may be asked to attend an interview to discuss your application further.

If you have not heard from us after 7 days of submitting your documents, please write to ask what is happening with your application (our spam filters can sometimes get a little over-excited).

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you explore the wonderful world of English law and practical legal skills. We are sure you will enjoy it and find it extremely useful.

Kind regards,

Dr Steve Terrett LLB, LLM, PhD

Director and Senior Lecturer
British Law Centre

Warsaw BLC Timetable 2020-2021


The timetable showing the lecture times for the 2020-2021 academic year can be found here. The full timetable for the year (including class times) can be found on the ‘when‘ section of the website. 

What are the Diploma Course fees?


1. The fees for the Diploma are outlined on the centre-specific page of the BLC website.


When should I pay the course fees?

The fees for the Diploma can be paid by means of a single transfer or in two equal instalments. The dates for the instalment payments are:

  • Instalment 1 – to be paid by course commencement date in October 2020
  • Instalment 2 – to be paid by no later than 1st February 2021

If you wish to benefit from the earlybird fee, then the payment must be made in full (or the first instalment) by 30th June.

How should I pay the course fees?

You will be personally provided with payment information after we have reviewed and confirmed your application documents (CV and Motivation Letter)

Can I pay the course fee in instalments?

Yes, absolutely. Once you have been accepted onto the Diploma course, we will send you instructions on how to pay the fees. Included in those instructions is information on the installment amounts and important dates for payment.

Before you make the first installment payment, you should download and complete the 'Installment Agreement' and upload the completed Agreement here:

Click or drag a file to this area to upload.

What do I do once I pay my fees?

Once you have paid the fees to the BLC (either the full payment or an instalment), please upload a copy of the proof of payment here

Click or drag a file to this area to upload.

When will I receive a response After I send my CV and Motivation Letter?

We aim to review all documents and respond to you within 7 days. If you haven't heard from us within that time, please send an email to Ruairi at or book a video chat with him here.

Update on BLC teaching in 2020-2021 as a result of COVID-19


We have been in contact with our host universities, and based on those discussions, we have adopted the following policy with regards to teaching and the upcoming year.

Teaching during October and November will take place virtually, on the Zoom platform. Based on the situation with COVID-19 in November, we will make a decision then on whether we are able to conduct the December and January lessons in person. We are hopeful of the possibility of returning to in-class teaching, particularly with legal skills sessions in January, but at the same time, we are unable to guarantee if/when this will happen.

COVID-19 Update to the BLC cancellation policy

The DELLS course Regulations envisage that at least 6 of the 8 teaching sessions will be taught face-to-face, and that a maximum of 2 teaching sessions may be taught online (the ‘6+2’ formula)*. There may not be any online teaching at a particular BLC centre, but we reserve the right to organise 2 sessions online if we consider this necessary (e.g. in response to an emergency situation, such as a further wave of the COVID-19 pandemic) or advantageous (e.g. to enable a session to be taught by a teacher based outside the CEE region who would otherwise not be able to attend in person). 

If, for reasons beyond the BLC’s control, it is not possible to provide at least six face-to-face teaching visits in the relevant academic year, you will be informed and consulted in the event, and will be able to make one of the following choices:

  • to continue and complete the course online in the same academic year (we would also allow you to access updated BLC course materials and/or attend any face-to-face classes that happen at your location in the next academic year free-of-charge); or
  • to suspend your participation in that part of the course for which the BLC was forced to cancel face-to-face teaching until the next academic year (NB. this would delay your completion of the course. For the avoidance of doubt, you do not need to pay the returner’s fee discussed above); or
  • to receive a refund of 12.5% of your total course fees for each face-to-face teaching visits we were forced to cancel (NB. account is taken of the fact that 2 teaching visits could have been delivered online in any case).


*For BLC students at the University of Warsaw centre, this constitutes 25% of teaching on the diploma course


What if I want to cancel my participation in the diploma course?

There are two possible scenarios:

  1. If you have not yet paid any course fees, please email Ruairi to confirm that you wish to withdraw from the diploma.
  2. If you have already paid course fees, please complete the withdrawal form here.

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