CLD Curriculum

The CLD uses custom-designed written materials and workshops to expand knowledge on a range of commercial law issues and develop related practical skills, such as searching commercial registers, drafting or amending corporate documentation, reviewing contracts etc.

CLD participants experience a practical, problem-solving methodology. They learn commercial law by advising a group of fictional clients whose business activities develop (e.g. from sole traders into partnerships and then limited liability companies) and broaden to include new commercial problems and opportunities.

CLD workshops discuss commercial law issues which match the clients’  ongoing activities and needs. This not only makes workshops more interesting but also better reflects the realities of life in a law office or as an in-house lawyer, where different legal problems can arise simultaneously.

Workshops may focus on some or all of the legal areas and issues listed below: 

Company Law

Conducting business as:
   • Sole trader
   • Partnerships (different types)
   • Company (different types)

Incorporating a company (and pre-incorporation liability)

Drafting/amending a company’s
constitutional documents

Internal corporate regulations and

Rules on representing companies

Company finance (inc. secured and
unsecured credit)

Corporate organs

Directors’ duties


Contract Law

Exclusion clauses



Third Party Rights

Vitiating Factors

Sale of goods law

Shareholders’ Agreements

Variations and novations

Waiver and estoppel

Agency and authority to represent
another in contractual relations

Intellectual Property Law


Trade marks

Passing off

Breach of confidence

GDPR and privacy law

Other Areas

Vicarious corporate liability for the actions/omissions of employees, sub-contractors etc.

Equitable remedies (constructive trusts, tracing etc.)

Corporate litigation and issue of law/jurisdiction (Brussels & Rome Regulations within EU law and UK equivalent rules )

EU free movement of goods/people 

Outcomes and assessment


Participants gain greater confidence, knowledge and skills regarding various aspects of English commercial law 


Participants write a client memorandum advising on one/more legal issues forming part of the CLD curriculum 


The CLD builds on the participants’ knowledge & skills from DELLS, to expand their competence in English law