How to Add someone to a google group
  1. Open the relevant group in googlegroups
  2. Click on the ‘manage members’ button on the right side of the page
  3. click on the ‘DIRECT ADD MEMBERS’ tab (third icon from the top on the left sidebar)
  4. enter their email address, and write a short compulsory message like this: This email confirms that you have been added to the BLC group mailing list for your BLC location. We use this email address to write to the entire group of students at your BLC location. This group email cannot be used by individual students to write to the entire group. Equally, you will not be able to log into the googlegroup, so there is no point in trying this.
  5. If you think that you have been added to this group incorrectly or if you know that you have withdrawn from the BLC Diploma  (or failed to complete your application), please contact us immediately and we will withdraw you from this mailing list. Our contact email address is: [email protected] 
  6. 5. click ‘add member’
Give someone teacher privileges in a google group (a guest lecturer who wants to email the centre's group email)
  1. click on ‘ALL MEMBERS’ or ‘MANAGE MEMBERS’ in the google group
  2. tick the box next to the relevant person
  3. click on ‘actions’, then ‘add to role’ and then ‘manager’. The person will automatically have manager privileges which allow them to send emails to students using the mailing list
Changing passwords on moodle
  1. log into moodle
  2. open the ‘SITE ADMINISTRATION’ menu
  3. expand the menu by clicking to the left side of each menu item a. USERS, b. ACCOUNTS, c. BROWSE LIST OF USERS
  4. once you have the list of users, you can search for the relevant student. TIP: ‘SHOW MORE’ at the top left side of the student list will open an expanded list of search options for students.
  5. once you find the student, click on the edit wheel to the right of their details to edit their profile
  6. once you have opened their profile, click on the pencil next to the password to change the password to Britcen2020!
  7. go to the bottom of the page and click ‘UPDATE PROFILE’ to confirm the change
  8. email the student to tell them to log in again