Here you will find additional documents and information you may use from time to time on the Diploma Course


The British Law Centre maintains a selection of books English, EU and international law textbooks, that students may like to borrow from time to time. The libraries of other distance learning centres have also been provided with some textbooks that should be useful.  If you would like to borrow a book, please click on the link to see if we have the book you are looking for, and then please contact our librarian, Will, at [email protected] to reserve the title and arrange collection. 

Warsaw textbooks

Non-Warsaw textbooks


The following links may be useful to assist with your research

Case-Law Links

Database of British and Irish case-law and legislation

Incorporated Council of Law Reporting (For complete texts of judgements)

Links to current British legislation and Bills before Parliament

UK Houses of Parliament

HMSO UK Acts of Parliament

UK Bills before Parliament

UK Statutory instruments

UK Statute law database

Links to relevant British Government Departments

Ministry of Justice

UK Government Home Office (Ministry of the Interior)

Office of the Prime Minister

Links to the British Courts Service

Her Majesty’s Court service and related sites

Judiciary of England and Wales

English civil procedure rules

House of Lords judicial reports

UK Criminal Justice System online (for overview of day-to-day running of the Judicial system)

European Law Links

Database of European Union law

Case-law of the Court of Justice of the European Communities

Information of the Legal Profession in England and Wales


Bar Council

Law Society

Policy Research Links


UK Legal Services Commission

The Law Commission

Access to Law (comprehensive legal database)

Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (database of worldwide sources of case-law, articles and legislation)

Intute: Social Sciences web directory (comparative law links)

Ministry of Justice: How should Britain be governed?

Other Links


World Trade Law: Dispute settlement commentary


World Trade Organisation website


Case-law of the European Court of Human Rights


World Intellectual Property Organisation (for definitions and other related resource material)

Country-specific Intellectual Property Legislation


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